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Sr.No.ID No.AgeHeightSubcasteEducation / EmploymentProfession
1TG 10619775.2KhareMA,child psychologist,b'ful
2TG 1119775.3KayasthaM.Sc,MBA,wrkng as faculty
3TG 11019825.3MathurLecturer
4TG 11819805.4MathurMBA, wrkng in Mumbair
5TG 11919875.6MathurManglik,wrkng in Admin reptd. School
6TG 1201984Mathur
7TG 1319815.2Kayasthawrkg as SRF in DRDO,N.Delhi
8TG 14419775.3SaxenaRadiologist
9TG 1461983151SaxenaNM5.40 LPA
10TG 14919845.2Saxenawrk as Mngr in Toyota Motor B'lore
11TG 15519735.4SaxenaB.Sc.,MCA wkg Repu.bnk M'bai2.5 LPA
12TG 16119775.1SaxenaM.Sc,P.hd
13TG 16419845.4KayasthaManglik,CIO
14TG 16519795.2MathurDr. MBBS,Asst. prof. at USA
15TG 16719815.2SrivastavaBE,CS,wrkng in US columbus60K+
16TG 16919815.6SrivastavaMBBS
17TG 17119855.2AmbasthaManglik,MBA
18TG 1819765KayasthaPGDIT.B.Com,persuing MBA
19TG 18019825.2SaxenaBHMS Gold medlist
20TG 18519825.5AmbasthaMCA,S/w Engr. In MNC mum.
21TG 18819755.2SrivastavaDip. In Elec. & Comm.,Divorced
22TG 19019775.2KayasthaMBA,Mgr. Advtg in Delhi
23TG 19119795.1SaxenaMBA,wrkng in IT MNC B'ore8 LPA
24TG 1941982157SrivastavaMBA,wrkng
25TG 19619845.5SrivastavaBE,wrkng in MNC B'lore11 LPA
26TG 19719745.4KayasthaPG,b'ful
27TG 20119815.1SaxenaMCA,S/w Engr. In MNC mum.
28TG 20419865.5AmbasthaMBA,wrkng in Noida
29TG 20819815.6SrivastavaM.Tech,Lecturer,Pur. In Phd
30TG 20919855.3SrivastavaFrench Hons.,teacher in Noida
31TG 21419805.6AmbasthaMBA,wrkng in IT Co. H'bad
32TG 21519825.4Ambasthawrkng girl
33TG 22119845.5SrivastavaMgmt NIFT,wrkng in Delhi
34TG 22319785.3SrivastavaMBA,Asst. Mngr. in MNC Mum.
35TG 22519805.2NigamMCA,wrkng in MNC pune10 LPA
36TG 22619825KayasthaMCA,Bus. Analyst in HDFC Mum.
37TG 23419875.7SrivastavaMBA,wrking in NoidaManglik
38TG 23619745.2SrivastavaP.hd,M.Sc,Asst. Prof. in PG Coll.5 LPA
39TG 23819855.5MathurFashion Designer
40TG 23919795.5SrivastavaMBA,wring in Axis Bank16 LPA
41TG 24019815.3Srivastavaopratd 4 ovarian cyst in 2007 no further prob.
42TG 24119715SaxenaMA,Dip. In Fashion Des.1.5 LPA
43TG 24219855.3Ambasthawrking in Accentrue B'lore
44TG 24519835.5SrivastavaS/w Engr. In Mumbai5.5 LPA
45TG 25719815.2KayasthaPhysiotherapist in Delhi
46TG 26319785AmbasthaGori,b'ful,wrking in TCS B'lore4.5 LPA
47TG 26919805.5MathurMBA,wrking in Mumbaidivorced
48TG 2721982NigamButician Course
49TG 27619776SrivastavaSales Mngr. in Axis Bank
50TG 27719855.3SrivastavaB.Com,MBA,wrkng in MNC Pune
51TG 27919825.2Saxenawrking in NCR
52TG 28219785.2SaxenaM.Com,PGDBA
53TG 28319825.4SrivastavaManglik,BE,MBA,wrking11+ LPA
54TG 28519865.6KayasthaMBA,wrkng at Mumbai6.2+ LPA
55TG 28619815.4Srivastavafair,b'ful,convent educated
56TG 28719865.2Srivastavawrkig in MNC B'loreManglik
57TG 28819835.5SrivastavaS/w Engr. In TCS Mumbai5.5 LPA
58TG 29119835.3AmbasthaMCA Mngr. in Food Corp. IndiaManglik
59TG 29219815.2KayasthaPhysiotherapist wrkng at Delhi
60TG 30419865.2MathurMBA,wrkingManglik
61TG 31919875.1Srivastavawrking in MNC
62TG 3219855.4KayasthaMBA,b'ful,slim,fair
63TG 32219865.2SaxenaB.Tech,wrking in MNC Delhi
64TG 32519825.3SrivastavaM.Sc,wrking
65TG 33019825.3SrivastavaMA,Pursuing MBA
66TG 33719755.3SaxenaP.hd,B.Ed,wrking
67TG 33919835.2SrivastavaMBA,Asst. Mngr. in Axis Bank
68TG 34219835.3SrivastavaMA,buticianManglik
69TG 35219855.5SrivastavaM.Sc,homely
70TG 35319815.4SrivastavaB.Sc,B.Ed,PGD Bio tech
71TG 35419865.5SaxenaFaishion Designer in NoidaAns. Mnglik
72TG 36219835.1SrivastavaB.Sc,M.Sc,pur. In P.hd
73TG 36419845.2SrivastavaB.Tech,s/w engr.
74TG 3661985174KayasthaPG in Arch.
75TG 37319805.3SrivastavaMA,B.Ed,
76TG 37719855BhatnagarB.Tech,1st yr. M.Tech
77TG 38019735.4KayasthaM.Sc,B.Ed,Govt. Teacher27000 PM
78TG 3841974157KayasthaLecturer in coll.
79TG 38819784.10SaxenaWidow,M.Com,
80TG 39319815.1SrivastavaBA,Divorce
81TG 4310795.2BhatnagarMBA,doing SAP with MNC
82TG 40719805.4SrivastavaB.Tech,MBA,wrking in US MNC10.25 LPA
83TG 41219505.2Kayasthawrking in B'lore6 LPA
84TG 41319525.3SrivastavaM.Sc, B.Ed
85TG 41419845.4SaxenaMA,Elec. Diploma,wrking Manglik
86TG 4219805.2KayasthaGraduate,b'ful,slim
87TG 4319855.3KayasthaBE,TCS Mum
88TG 43119845.3KayasthaB.Tech,S/w Engr. In Pune
89TG 43219835.5KayasthaCA,wrkkg in MNC15 LPA
90TG 4331984Kayasthawrking in AMX bank G'gaon
91TG 43519875.3MathurB.Tech,wrkng in MNC
92TG 4391984152KayasthaMA,pursuing MBA,wrkng
93TG 44303485.1KayasthaM.Sc,doing P.hd
94TG 44019825.3SrivastavaB.Tech,Sr. System Engr. IBM
95TG 4441977152SrivastavaMBA,
96TG 45219855.2SaxenaM.Com,wrkng
97TG 45319805.1SaxenaMA,Com. Dip.,PTT Teacher
98TG 45419865.5SaxenaB.Tech,purs in MBA,Proj. engr.
99TG 45519855SrivastavaBA,B.Lib
100TG 4571980BhatnagarMA,MBA,wrkng in Delhi
101TG 4619815.5Kayasthawrkng in Mumbai2.5 LPA
102TG 4601974BhatnagarPG,Teaching in Army school
103TG 4819815.2Kayasthawrkng as Achor in new channel
104TG 4919835.3KayasthaMBA,Mngr. in Media Co. Delhi6.5 LPA
105TG 519825.2BhatnagarMBA,gori,b'ful
106TG 5419795.5KayasthaCl-1 off. In Cent. Govt.
107TG 619825.4BhatnagarMBA,Ansh. Manglik
108TG 6119845.3KayasthaBE,MBA
109TG 7019805.6KayasthaBANK
110TG 8019845.4KayasthaTeacher
111TG 9419815KayasthaDNB
112TG 46519825.7SrivastavaBA,B.Ed,
113TG 46619845AmbasthaHR Executive in Pune
114TG 46919765.2NigamB.Ed,MBA,B.Sc
115TG 47019835.2NigamMBA,wrking in MNC
116TG 49219845.1SaxenaM.Sc,PDGQM,wrking in Noida
117TG 49519845.4SrivastavaBE,Sr. S/w engr. In MNC
118TG 50019815.3AmbasthaSr. Managerservice
119TG 50119785.4AmbasthaGraduate
120TG 50519804.10SrivastavaM.A, B.ED
121TG 50719785.7Kayasthaconvent educated
122TG 51219795.4KayasthaM.B.A.
123TG 51419825.2KayasthaB.A
124TG 51619865.3Ambasthaukservice
125TG 51719845.5SrivastavaMNCservice
126TG 51919825.1Kayasthawell settledservice
127TG 52119855.3SrivastavaBE (E & TC) PGDIT
128TG 52919825.4KayasthaGovt.service
129TG 53119805.3SaxenaHR BVP universityservice
130TG 53219805.1SrivastavaMNCservice
131TG 53319855SaxenaSoftware developerservice
132TG 53519815.3AsthanaIT companyservice
133TG 54119855.2AmbasthaTata motorsservice
134TG 54419885.2AmbasthaWkg Accentureservice
135TG 55219865.4SrivastavaMNCservice
136TG 55319785.3mathurWrkg. In mumbaiservice
137TG 55519815.3SrivastavaHR workingservice
138TG 55719775.5Kayasthadenticoservice
139TG 56219855.2SrivastavaB.Arch
140TG 5641980SrivastavaMJMCservice
141TG 56519775.1Srivastavahomely girl
142TG 56619815.3AmbasthaMNCservice
143TG 56719805.2Srivastavahomely girl
144TG 57119825.5SrivastavaState bank of indiaservice
145TG 57319855.2AmbasthaISMservice
146TG 57419875.3KayasthaMNCservice
147TG 57819844.11Srivastavahomeo doctorservice
148TG, B.ed
149TG 58219875.2KayasthaTCSservice
150TG 58419805.1SaxenaBank in P.Oservice
151TG 59019865.2SrivastavaHr superviserservice
152TG 59319815.2SrivastavaMCA
153TG 6021980KayasthaMNCservice
154TG, P.hd
155TG 61019775.2AmbasthaHigh school teacherservice
157TG 61519845.2AsthanaAccenture service
158TG 61819825.2SrivastavaGovt.service
159TG 6231976Kayasthaown businessbusiness
160TG 62419815.3BhatnagarMNCservice
161TG 62519805.2KayasthaMNCservice
162TG 6261987BhatnagarMBA
163TG 62819845.3SrivastavaMNCservice
164TG 6321978SrivastavaMNCservice
165TG, B.D.S
166TG 63519855.3SaxenaMNCservice
167TG 63819785.6SrivastavaMNCservice
168TG 63919835.3Srivastavasr. mgr.service
169TG 64019805.4SrivastavaMNCservice
170TG 64519835.2Saxenatextile merchandizer
171TG 64619835.4SrivastavaReserve bank in managerservice
172TG 64819865.4Srivastavaconvent educatedservice
173TG 65419865.2SrivastavaFashion jewellery design dip.
174TG, B.ed
175TG 67419825.2SaxenaB.Sc, MA (Eng.) LLB
176TG 67819845.4SrivastavaWorking in MNC
177TG 68019785.1SrivastavaWorking in TCS
178TG 68319795.4Srivastavaconvent edu. Graduate
179TG 68519825.9SrivastavaWrkg in Computer engr.
180TG 69019805.2SrivastavaAs An Asst. Mgr. in HDFC Bank
181TG 69519845.5AmbasthaPO in Nationalized Bank
182TG 71319815.3AmbasthaB.Com, BCA, MBA
183TG 71419845.5SrivastavaPO in Nationalized Bank
184TG 7161974BhatnagarDoing PG
185TG 71719775.3AmbasthaWorking as DBA in s/w comp.
186TG 72519835.3SrivastavaWorking in Doordarshan
187TG 73019835.4SaxenaWorking in MNC
188TG 73119855.3SrivastavaM.A Linguistics (BHU), B.ed
189TG 73319865KayasthaPGDM
190TG 73419845.5SrivastavaB.Sc, MBA
191TG 74919855.1Srivastavahomely girl
192TG 75219835AmbasthaWrkg in Nationalised Bank
193TG 75919825.2AsthanaWorking in MNC
194TG 76119805.1SaxenaPtt Techer
195TG 76419805SaxenaMA (M.Phil), B.Ed
196TG 76619825.3SrivastavaWorking in MNC
197TG 77119815.4SrivastavaMA(Sociology) Dip. In comp. Sci
198TG 77419795.2SrivastavaWorking with RBI
199TG 77619835.2KayasthaCSIR P.Hd
200TG 77819845.2Saxena(MFA) India oday
201TG 78119755SaxenaPG
202TG 78719855.3SrivastavaWorking in MNC
203TG 78919875.3SrivastavaWorking in TCS
204TG 80219835.4AmbasthaWorking in MNC
205TG 80519805.3SrivastavaMA, B.ED
206TG 81219885.1SaxenaMA (English)
207TG 81819875.3kayasthaWorking in MNC
208TG 82019825.5srivastavaBDS
209TG 82219855.1AmbasthaBank PO
210TG 82519765.3KayasthaWorking in Railway
211TG 82619775.1KayasthaGovt. job
212TG 83319825.3AmbasthaWorking in MNC
213TG 83519835.4SrivastavaWorking in MNC
214TG 83719795.3KayasthaTeaching with DPS
215TG 83919865.2SaxenaMA
216TG 84719885.3SrivastavaMBA
217TG 84819845.4SrivastavaWorking in Infosys
218TG 85219835.1SrivastavaMA, B.Ed
219TG 85819825.4SrivastavaH.O.D in Enginnering College
220TG 86219805.3SaxenaMA (Eng) MBA, B.Ed
221TG 86519835.4SrivastavaP.HD, Fashion Designing
222TG 86719805.1SrivastavaWorking in Tech Mahindra
223TG 87319855.1SrivastavaMCA, MBA, Software Eng in Noida
224TG 87419855.3M.Tech, Work in Gorakhpur
225TG 87819855.5AmbasthaBE. B Tech, MNC Bangalore
226TG 88019835B.Com, BCA, PGDMA
227TG 88119855.1MBA, Bank PO
228TG 88319805.2SaxenaMA, Bed, TET
229TG 88419835.4Web Designer
230TG 88519795.1MBA, CRM in MNC
231TG 88719815.2SaxenaPersuing Exec, MBA
232TG 88819835.3B.Tech, MS(Bio Tech)
233TG 89019845.6SrivastavaB.Tech, MBA Symbiosis
234TG 89119855.2NigamM.Sc, working in Cent Govt
235TG 89419835.2SrivastavaLLB, BHU
236TG 89519875.5SaxenaBCA, Working in Hyd
237TG 89619844.11SrivastavaB.Tech, Eng in Wipro Bangalore
238TG 90519875.1SrivastavaBDS