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Sr.No.ID No.AgeHeightSubcasteEducation / EmploymentProfession
1TG 132295SaxenaMA,B.ED,MBA
2TG 133295SaxenaCDRI,Project Assistant
3TG 1345.4SaxenaComputer Scince
4TG 135275SaxenaS/W Engr.5 LPA
5TG 136305SaxenaLecturer
6TG 137275.4SaxenaMNCk
7TG 138255.4SaxenaM.Sc.
8TG 139265.3SaxenaMBA
9TG 140255.2SaxenaCA
10TG 141295.4SaxenaMBBS
11TG 1425.6SaxenaMNC4 LPA
12TG 1435.2SaxenaCA
13TG 14419775.3SaxenaRadiologist
14TG 145255.6SaxenaMBA
15TG 1461983151SaxenaNM5.40 LPA
16TG 147305.6SaxenaMNC
17TG 148305SaxenaMA,Mphil,NTTNo Caste Bar
18TG 14919845.2Saxenawrk as Mngr in Toyota Motor B'lore
19TG 150305.3SaxenaSWP,Pune6.5LPA
20TG 151384.10SaxenaM.Sc.(math)
21TG 152155 cmSaxenaM.Sc.IT,wkg-C Dac M'bai
22TG 153285.3SaxenaMA,B.Ed.,PGDCA
23TG 154305.2SaxenaMBBS,MBA fr NMIMS wkg MNC
24TG 15519735.4SaxenaB.Sc.,MCA wkg Repu.bnk M'bai2.5 LPA
25TG 1564.11SaxenaMA,NTT,DCA,gori,slim,goggles from child
26TG 157245.2SaxenaManglik,B.Tech Elec.,wrkng in MNC2 LPA
27TG 158285.4SaxenaB.Sc,MA,B.Ed,wrkng girl
28TG 1594.10SaxenaMCA,Comp. Teacher in Gaziabad
29TG 160255.4SaxenaB.Tech,UPTU wrkng girl
30TG 16119775.1SaxenaM.Sc,P.hd
31TG 162305SaxenaAsst. Mngr. in SBI Delhi
32TG 173255.4SaxenaB.Tech,wrkng in MNC PuneManglik
33TG 174SaxenaB.Ed,C.T.T.,N.T.T.Manglik
34TG 18019825.2SaxenaBHMS Gold medlist
35TG 19119795.1SaxenaMBA,wrkng in IT MNC B'ore8 LPA
36TG 195345.5Saxenagori,slim,b'ful,qlfd
37TG 198355.2SaxenaBA,Divorced
38TG 20119815.1SaxenaMCA,S/w Engr. In MNC mum.
39TG 23726160SaxenaMBA,BCA,wrking in UP
40TG 24119715SaxenaMA,Dip. In Fashion Des.1.5 LPA
41TG 24726168SaxenaBE,S/w engr.,Ansh. Manglik
42TG 27126168SaxenaBE,S/w engr. In B'loreManglik
43TG 273265.2SaxenaMBA,
44TG 27919825.2Saxenawrking in NCR
45TG 28219785.2SaxenaM.Com,PGDBA
46TG 318245.2SaxenaDoing MS
47TG 320335.2SaxenaDouble MA,B.Ed
48TG 321305.3SaxenaMA,M.Sc,doing B.Ed
49TG 32219865.2SaxenaB.Tech,wrking in MNC Delhi
50TG 327285.2SaxenaM.Com,Lectu. In Girls Coll.
51TG 329265.3SaxenaM.Com,MBA,
52TG 335305.1SaxenaP.hd,Asst. Prof.
53TG 336265.3SaxenaM.Com,MBA,Manglik
54TG 33719755.3SaxenaP.hd,B.Ed,wrking
55TG 35419865.5SaxenaFaishion Designer in NoidaAns. Mnglik
56TG 37024158SaxenaMBA,BE,wrkig with TCS
57TG 381285SaxenaDouble MA,homely
58TG 382365.7SaxenaMA,B.Ed,P.hd
59TG 38819784.10SaxenaWidow,M.Com,
60TG 389245.4SaxenaMA,Teach. In Pvt. School
61TG 397295.3SaxenaB.Ed,P.hd
62TG 398305.4SaxenaM.Sc,B.Ed,MBA
63TG 410285.5SaxenaM.Com,CA
64TG 41419845.4SaxenaMA,Elec. Diploma,wrking Manglik
65TG 415245SaxenaMA,M.Sc,B.Ed,
66TG 441225.6SaxenaB.Tech,wrking in TCS
67TG 45219855.2SaxenaM.Com,wrkng
68TG 45319805.1SaxenaMA,Com. Dip.,PTT Teacher
69TG 45419865.5SaxenaB.Tech,purs in MBA,Proj. engr.
70TG 456245.3SaxenaMBA
71TG 459275.6SaxenaBE,wrkng in infosys B'lore
72TG 472385.1SaxenaMA,DCA
73TG 476295.2SaxenaDouble MA
74TG 483335.5SaxenaMA,NTT
75TG 484285.4SaxenaMA,computer course
76TG 49219845.1SaxenaM.Sc,PDGQM,wrking in Noida
77TG 509325.3SaxenaGraphics designerservice
78TG 515245.6SaxenaInfosysservice
79TG 53119805.3SaxenaHR BVP universityservice
80TG 53319855SaxenaSoftware developerservice
81TG 57924Saxenaworking in noidaservice
82TG (math)
83TG 58419805.1SaxenaBank in P.Oservice
84TG 587305.2SaxenaAsst. Prof. in Engineering collegeservice
85TG 59435Saxenagraduate
86TG 595265.2SaxenaM.A B.ed
88TG 61429Saxenateacherservice
89TG 622265.3SaxenaB.A PGDM
90TG 63519855.3SaxenaMNCservice
91TG 637255.4SaxenaMNCservice
92TG 642255.2SaxenaM.A, M.BA
93TG 64519835.2Saxenatextile merchandizer
94TG 647275.1SaxenaB.A., pursuing M.A., Dip. In com.
95TG 652255.8SaxenaS/W Engr. In INFOSYS
96TG 653245.5SaxenaB.Sc, MBA
97TG 664265.9saxenaDoctor BHMS
98TG 671305.4SaxenaHCL
99TG 67419825.2SaxenaB.Sc, MA (Eng.) LLB
100TG 67528Saxenawkg in SRF in research institute
101TG 689265.2SaxenaGet qualfied
102TG 693295.2SaxenaLecturer in Girls Degree College
103TG 694245.4SaxenaCS Engineer
104TG 710235.5SaxenaWorking Govt. MNC
105TG 722285SaxenaWorking in Infosys
106TG 723255.4SaxenaPO in Indian overseas bank
107TG 73019835.4SaxenaWorking in MNC
108TG 747224.9SaxenaM.A (Eng.)
109TG 76119805.1SaxenaPtt Techer
110TG 76419805SaxenaMA (M.Phil), B.Ed
111TG 772315.6SaxenaWorking in MNC
112TG 77819845.2Saxena(MFA) India oday
113TG 78119755SaxenaPG
114TG 800285SaxenaArchitect, Master in interior designer
115TG 810265.2SaxenaP.HD
116TG 81219885.1SaxenaMA (English)
117TG 83919865.2SaxenaMA
118TG 86219805.3SaxenaMA (Eng) MBA, B.Ed
119TG 8645.3SaxenaB.Sc, MBA, M.L.I.Sc
120TG 866295.4SaxenaMBA
121TG 87621SaxenaDoing B.Tech
122TG 88319805.2SaxenaMA, Bed, TET
123TG 88719815.2SaxenaPersuing Exec, MBA
124TG 892265.5SaxenaB.Tech, Working in Tata Delhi
125TG 89519875.5SaxenaBCA, Working in Hyd