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Sr.No.ID No.AgeHeightSubcasteEducation / EmploymentProfession
1TG 123285.4NigamB.Tech, Gaz. Officer in cent. Govt. Kanpur41000 PM
2TG 124365.1Nigamslim,b'ful
3TG 125265.1Nigamwrkng in MNC Pune5 LPA
4TG 126245.4NigamBE,MBA
5TG 127265.6Nigam B.Tech.,wkg at Noida
6TG 22519805.2NigamMCA,wrkng in MNC pune10 LPA
7TG 233295.2NigamMBA,wrkng
8TG 2721982NigamButician Course
9TG 46919765.2NigamB.Ed,MBA,B.Sc
10TG 47019835.2NigamMBA,wrking in MNC
11TG 620305.4nigamWiproservice
12TG 720295.4nigamGazetted officer AAO
13TG 724305.2nigameducated
14TG 89119855.2NigamM.Sc, working in Cent Govt