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Sr.No.ID No.AgeHeightSubcasteEducation / EmploymentProfession
1TG 1255.3AmbasthaBF Tech. wrkng in Delhi
2TG 17119855.2AmbasthaManglik,MBA
3TG 182345.6AmbasthaMA,B.Ed,gori,teacher in Bhar Govt.
4TG 184325AmbasthaBHU & DU,wrkng in MNC G'gaon
5TG 18519825.5AmbasthaMCA,S/w Engr. In MNC mum.
6TG 2275.4AmbasthaB.Tech,MBA,wrkng in MNC Pune
7TG 20419865.5AmbasthaMBA,wrkng in Noida
8TG 21126137AmbasthaS/w Engr. In B'lore
9TG 212255.1Ambasthawrkng in TCS
10TG 21419805.6AmbasthaMBA,wrkng in IT Co. H'bad
11TG 21519825.4Ambasthawrkng girl
12TG 220275.1AmbasthaMBA,NIFT Kolkata6 LPA
13TG 24219855.3Ambasthawrking in Accentrue B'lore
14TG 248225.5Ambastha Doing MBA
15TG 250275.4AmbasthaMBA,slim,gori
16TG 254265.3AmbasthaPO in Canara Bank
17TG 259275.3AmbasthaBA,MBA,wrking in Delhi3.25 LPA
18TG 260285Ambasthawrkng in TCS B'lore4.5 LPA
19TG 26319785AmbasthaGori,b'ful,wrking in TCS B'lore4.5 LPA
20TG 267275.3AmbasthaBA,self employeed
21TG 29119835.3AmbasthaMCA Mngr. in Food Corp. IndiaManglik
22TG 361285.3AmbasthaB.Tech,IT Analysit in MNC6 LPA
23TG 406335.3Ambasthapersuing in P.hdManglik
24TG 418325AmbasthaWrking in MNC Bank
25TG 419405.2AmbasthaMA,LLB,Teac. In School
26TG 428255.4AmbasthaM.Com,MBA,Dy. Mngr. in Bank
27TG 446265.4AmbasthaBE,S/w Engr.
28TG 46619845AmbasthaHR Executive in Pune
29TG 46725Ambasthavegetarin girl
30TG 48530AmbasthaGraduate,fair
31TG 497295.4AmbasthaMBA
32TG 499255.3AmbasthaMBA
33TG 50019815.3AmbasthaSr. Managerservice
34TG 50119785.4AmbasthaGraduate
35TG 502295.3AmbasthaGovt.service
36TG 503Ambasthahigh educated
37TG 51619865.3Ambasthaukservice
38TG 54119855.2AmbasthaTata motorsservice
39TG 54419885.2AmbasthaWkg Accentureservice
40TG 545315.3AmbasthaGovt.service
41TG 546255.4AmbasthaBE MBAservice
42TG 547245.3AmbasthaLecturerservice
43TG 549295.1Ambasthaecucated
44TG 56619815.3AmbasthaMNCservice
45TG 570275.1Ambasthahomely girl
46TG 572215.2AmbasthaMNCservice
47TG 57319855.2AmbasthaISMservice
48TG 603385.2AmbasthaAdvoc. HCservice
49TG 61019775.2AmbasthaHigh school teacherservice
50TG 617275.2AmbasthaAsst. prof service
51TG 634295AmbasthaMNCservice
52TG 6565.5AmbasthaHcl Engineer
53TG 669305.2AmbasthaMBA (XISS Ranchi)
54TG 69519845.5AmbasthaPO in Nationalized Bank
55TG 701275.3AmbasthaM.Sc
56TG 702225.9AmbasthaI.Com, BA
57TG 71319815.3AmbasthaB.Com, BCA, MBA
58TG 7155.2AmbasthaPO in Nationalized Bank
59TG 71719775.3AmbasthaWorking as DBA in s/w comp.
60TG 732255.4AmbasthaLecturer in Patna University
61TG 737294.8AmbasthaDoing Ph.D in Biotech
62TG 740265.4AmbasthaWorking in SBI
63TG 750225.2AmbasthaI.Com, BA
64TG 75219835AmbasthaWrkg in Nationalised Bank
65TG 756265.4AmbasthaB.Tech, MBA
66TG 773305.3AmbasthaWorking in MNC
67TG 80219835.4AmbasthaWorking in MNC
68TG 806275.6AmbasthaBA (Pol. Hons.)
69TG 82219855.1AmbasthaBank PO
70TG 823255.4AmbasthaPO In Nationalised Bank
71TG 824265.2AmbasthaPG
72TG 83319825.3AmbasthaWorking in MNC
73TG 845325.3AmbasthaTeaching with govt. high School
74TG 86925160AmbasthaBE, MBA, Working in MNC in Banglore
75TG 87819855.5AmbasthaBE. B Tech, MNC Bangalore
76TG 87936148Ambastha MSc, MBA