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Sr.No.ID No.AgeHeightSubcasteEducation / EmploymentProfession
1TB 141419805.7MathurB.Arch,own business5 LPA
2TB 142929166MathurBE,MBA,wrkng in Bank5.5 LPA
3TB 1430275.6MathurManglik,B.Tech,wrkng in L&T Mum.5 LPA
4TB 1565305.5MathurB.Tech,Govt. Advocate
5TB 1639310176MathurBE,S/w Engr. In B'lore6 LPA
6TB 16535.10MathurMBA,Asst. Mngr. in Delhi Bank
7TB 1798306MathurNet. Engr. In Noida3.2 LPA
8TB 182419795.7MathurBE Elect17.25 LPA
9TB 1847325.6MathurBE,wrking in MNC H'bad16 LPA
10TB 1873325.6MathurBE,ME,wrking in MNC H'bad16 LPA
11TB 194129166MathurBE,MBA, wrking in Bank6 LPA
12TB 195619795.7MathurMBA,Engr.17.25 LPA
13TB 2046306MathurAsst. Mngr. in MNC Jaipur
14TB 724405.7MathurMA,wrkng in MNC
15TB 72529165MathurBE,MBA,wrkng in Noida12 LPA
16TB 726285.5MathurS/w Engr. In MNC
17TB 727296MathurMBA MNC7.5 LPA
18TB 72830508MathurMBBS
19TB 72919805.7MathurMCA S/W Engr. In Pvt. Firm
20TB 73027170MathurBE,MBA,Asstt. Mngr in bank
21TB 731345MathurDCA
22TB 73219805.5MathurMBA,wrkng in MNC gurgn
23TB 733355.7MathurS/W Engr. In MNC (Divorced)12 LPA
24TB 734315.9MathurMCA,wkg in Trans Job Company18000 PM
25TB 735336MathurWorking in MNC USA H1No Caste Bar
26TB 736265.11MathurB.Tech
27TB 73719765.8MathurBE(Mech)
28TB 738275.8Mathursetlled in canada with par.
29TB 739315.10MathurMBA,wrkng in Retail Sec. in NCR
30TB 740285.8MathurMBA, wrking in MNC Media co. Mum.8.5 LPA
31TB 2381305.7MathurMCA,Inter college teacher15000 PM
32TB 2525305.8MathurSales Manager in MNCservice
33TB 2617345.9mathurSr. mgmt. professional Educ sectorservice
34TB 2625355.7mathursoftware professional MNCservice
35TB 2752276mathurNational golf fed.service
36TB, Mgr-tech
37TG 55319785.3mathurWrkg. In mumbaiservice
38TG 56326mathurMNCservice
39TB 2995265.7mathurSr. sales executiveservice
40TB 306119845.8mathurwrkg business analyst MNCservice
41TB 3342295.6MathurWorking GOI PSUservice
42TB 3400275.11MathurB.E (IT)
43TB 3840305.11mathurState Govt. Jobservice
44TB 306119845.8mathurwrkg business analyst MNCservice
45TB 3342295.6MathurWorking GOI PSUservice
46TB 3400275.11MathurB.E (IT)
47TB 3840305.11mathurState Govt. Jobservice
48TB 306119845.8mathurwrkg business analyst MNCservice
49TB 3342295.6MathurWorking GOI PSUservice
50TB 3400275.11MathurB.E (IT)
51TB 3840305.11mathurState Govt. Jobservice