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Sr.No.ID No.AgeHeightSubcasteEducation / EmploymentProfession
1TB 1393365.7KarnMCA,MA,own comp. institute
2TB 1394315.6KarnMBA, MNC B'lore
3TB 1492335.7Karnown business
4TB 1612315.10KarnB.Tech,wrkig in MNC
5TB 1627285.6KarnElec. Govt. Sector
6TB 1645325.10KarnMA,MBA,own HR consultancy
7TB 1662335.11KarnB.Tech,MBA,
8TB 169930175KarnBE,MBA,wrking in IDBI Mumbai9 LPA
9TB 1729315.10KarnBE,MBA,Mngr. in JSR
10TB 1975305.7KarnS/w Egnr. In MNC4 LPA
11TB 199719785.4KarnLLB,BHU,Legal Adviser in delhi4 LPA
12TB 199819855.6KarnMech. Engr. In Cimplex India Haldia 3.8 LPA
13TB 2002305.7KarnAsst. Mngr. in 5 star hotel Delhi
14TB 2159335.8KarnBE,wrking in NHPC
15TB 224719785.8KarnMCA,wrkng in MNC10 LPA
16TB 2306335.11Karnwrkng in MNC H'bad
17TB 2327345.7KarnMBA,wrkng in IBM G'gaon
18TB 2329345.6KarnTerr. Mngr. in Pharm Comp. Ranchi
19TB 462325.8KarnEngr. In NHPC
20TB 463275.10KarnEngr.,wrkng in PSU
21TB 464325.8KarnEngr. In NHPC
22TB 465295.7KarnBE,S/w Engr. In TCS Mumbai8.5 LPA
23TB 466325.6KarnWrking in Delhi
24TB 467326KarnManglik,NIFT Delhi
25TB 468305.9Karnwrkng in SBI Life
26TB 471305.8KarnSr. S/w Engr.
27TB 472305.10KarnMCA,S/w Engr.12 LPA
28TB 474275.7KarnS/w Engr. Wrkng in MNC
29TB 475305.10KarnS/w Engr.,MCA12 LPA
30TB 476335.9KarnMCA,wrkng in MNC B'lore
31TB 477295.3Karnwrkng in Bankok32 LPA
32TB 478295.10KarnMCA, sr. S/w engr.7 LPA
33TB 479345.8KarnMSc,M.phill,PG, bioinformatics wrkng in MNC
34TB 480345.4KarnCA
35TB 481345.3KarnAsstt. Mngr. in Telecom Comp.
36TB 482295.10Karnsoft.engr, wrkng in Banglore5.6 LPA
37TB 483325.4KarnEng. Telecom in Patna6 LPA
38TB 485295.11Karnwrk in TCS Mumbai as a Mngr.16 LPA
39TB 486285.1KarnMer.Navy15 LPA
40TB 487315.7KarnMCA
41TB 2348315.1KarnManglik,MCA,wrking in MNC Pune5 LPA
42TB 2360305.10KarnMCA,Engr. In HP Auto6.5 LPA
43TB 2417305.7KarnMngr. in National Bank Mumbai
44TB 2424285.8KarnGovt. officer in Pune
45TB 2547305.11karnS/W MNCservice
46TB 2553295.10karnWkg. As Mgr. -TCSservice
47TB 2568305.8karnWell settledservice
48TB 2577305.6karnTCSservice
49TB 2582295.6karnBSNL Er.service
50TB 2683315.6karnDirector in pvt. Co.service
51TB 26925.11karnMNCservice
52TB 2724315.7karnwell settledservice
53TB 2835315.10karnMNCservice
54TB 2841306karnAxis bankservice
55TB 2847295.6karncomputer engineerservice
56TB 3005275.8Karngovt.service
57TB 3048Karnengineerservice
58TB 3069315.8Karnwell settledservice
59TB 3081365.4Karnwrkg in HCLservice
60TB 3158315.8KarnLIC Officerservice
61TB 3169315.8KarnSr. Software Engineerservice
62TB 3212295.7KarnNationalized Bankservice
63TB 3267335.6KarnWorking in call centreservice
64TB 332632KarnMBAservice
65TB 3332275.11KarnGraduate, IIT, MBA, IIMA
66TB 3334305.10KarnSr. S/W Er. In CRIS Under ministry of rlyservice
67TB 3339295.10KarnWorking in HCLservice
68TB 3355306.1KarnSelf BusinessBusiness
69TB 3357335.7KarnWorking in IBMservice
70TB 3366295.10KarnSr. Software Engineerservice
71TB IIT, P.hd From US
72TB 3468305.5KarnMBAservice
73TB 3478345.6Karnwell settledservice
74TB 3691275.7karnworking in MNCservice
75TB 3780305.9karnIIT, MBAservice
76TB 3790305.7karnworking in MNCservice
77TB 3048Karnengineerservice
78TB 3069315.8Karnwell settledservice
79TB 3081365.4Karnwrkg in HCLservice
80TB 3158315.8KarnLIC Officerservice
81TB 3169315.8KarnSr. Software Engineerservice
82TB 3212295.7KarnNationalized Bankservice
83TB 3267335.6KarnWorking in call centreservice
84TB 332632KarnMBAservice
85TB 3332275.11KarnGraduate, IIT, MBA, IIMA
86TB 3334305.10KarnSr. S/W Er. In CRIS Under ministry of rlyservice
87TB 3339295.10KarnWorking in HCLservice
88TB 3355306.1KarnSelf BusinessBusiness
89TB 3357335.7KarnWorking in IBMservice
90TB 3366295.10KarnSr. Software Engineerservice
91TB IIT, P.hd From US
92TB 3468305.5KarnMBAservice
93TB 3478345.6Karnwell settledservice
94TB 3691275.7karnworking in MNCservice
95TB 3780305.9karnIIT, MBAservice
96TB 3790305.7karnworking in MNCservice
97TB 3048Karnengineerservice
98TB 3069315.8Karnwell settledservice
99TB 3081365.4Karnwrkg in HCLservice
100TB 3158315.8KarnLIC Officerservice
101TB 3169315.8KarnSr. Software Engineerservice
102TB 3212295.7KarnNationalized Bankservice
103TB 3267335.6KarnWorking in call centreservice
104TB 332632KarnMBAservice
105TB 3332275.11KarnGraduate, IIT, MBA, IIMA
106TB 3334305.10KarnSr. S/W Er. In CRIS Under ministry of rlyservice
107TB 3339295.10KarnWorking in HCLservice
108TB 3355306.1KarnSelf BusinessBusiness
109TB 3357335.7KarnWorking in IBMservice
110TB 3366295.10KarnSr. Software Engineerservice
111TB IIT, P.hd From US
112TB 3468305.5KarnMBAservice
113TB 3478345.6Karnwell settledservice
114TB 3691275.7karnworking in MNCservice
115TB 3780305.9karnIIT, MBAservice
116TB 3790305.7karnworking in MNCservice
117TB 391019785.8karnMCA working In MNC