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Sr.No.ID No.AgeHeightSubcasteEducation / EmploymentProfession
1TB 146519836AsthanaB.Tech,S/w Engr. In IBM Delhi7 LPA
2TB 168219825.7AsthanaManglik,MBA,wrking in MNC2.5 LPA
3TB 262419815.7AsthanaSoftware Engineerservice
4TB 2866375.9asthanamath teachr in eng. Mediumservice
5TB 2991295.5asthanaMNCservice
6TB 3311285.11Asthanaworking in MNCservice
7TB 357319785.5AsthanaWorking with ICICI Bankservice
8TB 35885.8AsthanaBE, MBAservice
9TB 3724325.9AsthanaWorking in Leading Bankservice
10TB 3311285.11Asthanaworking in MNCservice
11TB 357319785.5AsthanaWorking with ICICI Bankservice
12TB 35885.8AsthanaBE, MBAservice
13TB 3724325.9AsthanaWorking in Leading Bankservice
14TB 3311285.11Asthanaworking in MNCservice
15TB 357319785.5AsthanaWorking with ICICI Bankservice
16TB 35885.8AsthanaBE, MBAservice
17TB 3724325.9AsthanaWorking in Leading Bankservice