Girls 26 - 30

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Sr.No.ID No.AgeHeightSubcasteEducation / EmploymentProfession
1TG 102285.2KayasthaMBA, wrk in Mumbai
2TG 104275.3KayasthaLaw Firm at Mumbai15 LPA
3TG 107275.4KhareM.Sc,Teacher
4TG 112275.2MathurWorking in MNC
5TG 116265.1MathurS/W MNC
6TG 117275.4MathurPG,Mag in Media House
7TG 121265.5MathurB.Tech
8TG 123285.4NigamB.Tech, Gaz. Officer in cent. Govt. Kanpur41000 PM
9TG 125265.1Nigamwrkng in MNC Pune5 LPA
10TG 127265.6Nigam B.Tech.,wkg at Noida
11TG 132295SaxenaMA,B.ED,MBA
12TG 133295SaxenaCDRI,Project Assistant
13TG 135275SaxenaS/W Engr.5 LPA
14TG 136305SaxenaLecturer
15TG 137275.4SaxenaMNCk
16TG 139265.3SaxenaMBA
17TG 141295.4SaxenaMBBS
18TG 147305.6SaxenaMNC
19TG 148305SaxenaMA,Mphil,NTTNo Caste Bar
20TG 150305.3SaxenaSWP,Pune6.5LPA
21TG 153285.3SaxenaMA,B.Ed.,PGDCA
22TG 154305.2SaxenaMBBS,MBA fr NMIMS wkg MNC
23TG 158285.4SaxenaB.Sc,MA,B.Ed,wrkng girl
24TG 16285.2KayasthaB.Tec.,MBA,C.Gov C-1 Offi(sci)
25TG 162305SaxenaAsst. Mngr. in SBI Delhi
26TG 163275.5SrivastavaM.A.,B.Ed,Manglik
27TG 166275.2SrivastavaManglik,Rly.Engr.
28TG 168265.3SrivastavaMBA,wrkng in MNC
29TG 17285.6KayasthaMBA,Con Edu'd,wkg MNC Delhi
30TG 170265.6SrivastavaManglik,MBA
31TG 175285.5KayasthaMBA,Bank Mngr. in PSUManglik
32TG 177295.1SrivastavaMA,Music(vocal)
33TG 178285.2KayasthaB.Tech,MBA,gazt. Officer
34TG 179295.4SrivastavaM.Sc,Asst. Mngr. in IOB NoidaManglik
35TG 183305.1SrivastavaB.Tech,MBA
36TG 19305.2Kayasthacls 1 Indian Civil Ser.Officer
37TG 192275.4SrivastavaManglik,Sr. S/w Engr. In B'lore8 LPA
38TG 199265.4KayasthaB.Tech,S/w Engr. In Mahindra10 LPA
39TG 2275.4AmbasthaB.Tech,MBA,wrkng in MNC Pune
40TG 200305.3SrivastavaMBA,wrkng
41TG 202295.2SrivastavaM.Sc,wrkg in Delhi
42TG 203295.3SrivastavaFashion Designer
43TG 206305.2SrivastavaP.hd,BHU
44TG 207285.4KayasthaB.Tech,wrkng in SAIL
45TG 21305.4KayasthaMSc,Ph.D Mole.Bio. USA
46TG 210265.3SrivastavaM.Sc,doing B.Ed
47TG 21126137AmbasthaS/w Engr. In B'lore
48TG 213295.1Srivastavawrkng in MNC DelhiManglik
49TG 21629153SrivastavaM.Sc,slim,gori
50TG 219275.3SrivastavaBBA,LLB10 LPA
51TG 220275.1AmbasthaMBA,NIFT Kolkata6 LPA
52TG 228265.2KayasthaB.Tech,S/w Engr. In Pune
53TG 233295.2NigamMBA,wrkng
54TG 23726160SaxenaMBA,BCA,wrking in UP
55TG 243275.2Srivastavawrking in Int'l NGO Delhi
56TG 24726168SaxenaBE,S/w engr.,Ansh. Manglik
57TG 249275.2SrivastavaMBA,wrking in Noida
58TG 250275.4AmbasthaMBA,slim,gori
59TG 251265.1KayasthaBBA,own data proce. WorkManglik
60TG 254265.3AmbasthaPO in Canara Bank
61TG 259275.3AmbasthaBA,MBA,wrking in Delhi3.25 LPA
62TG 260285Ambasthawrkng in TCS B'lore4.5 LPA
63TG 261285.4SrivastavaMBA
64TG 262275.2KayasthaDeaf,gori,b'ful,homely
65TG 264295SrivastavaB.Com,slim,b'ful
66TG 265275.1MathurM.Com,NTT,MBA
67TG 267275.3AmbasthaBA,self employeed
68TG 268295.4KayasthaBE,MBA,wrkig MNC Delhi
69TG 27275.5KayasthaM.Sc che,gori,veg
70TG 27126168SaxenaBE,S/w engr. In B'loreManglik
71TG 273265.2SaxenaMBA,
72TG 274305SrivastavaMA,Dip. In Fashion Des.
73TG 281285.3SrivastavaDivorced,MBA,lecturer
74TG 284265.5KayasthaBBA,LLB,wrkng in US MNC
75TG 29305.2KayasthaClass-1 Indian civ. Ser. Off.
76TG 290275.1KayasthaGynecologist
77TG 297295.1Srivastavab'ful,gori,homely
78TG 300265.4SrivastavaPG Medico
79TG 303285SrivastavaManglik,Sr. S/w Engr. In H'bad6.8 LPA
80TG 308285.4KayasthaMBA
81TG 315285SrivastavaSr. S/w Engr. In H'bad6.8 LPA
82TG 317275.2KayasthaBA,teachig profession
83TG 321305.3SaxenaMA,M.Sc,doing B.Ed
84TG 323275.4SrivastavaM.Sc,B.Ed,Ans. Manglik
85TG 327285.2SaxenaM.Com,Lectu. In Girls Coll.
86TG 329265.3SaxenaM.Com,MBA,
87TG 331265.1KayasthaB.Tech,MBA,
88TG 335305.1SaxenaP.hd,Asst. Prof.
89TG 336265.3SaxenaM.Com,MBA,Manglik
90TG 341265.1SrivastavaMBA,wrking in MNC Noida
91TG 345285.7SrivastavaArchitect in Mumbai
92TG 35265.3KayasthaGraduate
93TG 356285.5SrivastavaMA,wrking in Pvt. Co. DelhiAns. Mnglik
94TG 36275.3KayasthaM.A., B.Ed,b'ful
95TG 361285.3AmbasthaB.Tech,IT Analysit in MNC6 LPA
96TG 368295.1SrivastavaMA Psych
97TG 369275.4KayasthaBE,MBA,wrking in HCL
98TG 371295.6SrivastavaM.Sc,Mngr. in ACC Mumbai6.5 LPA
99TG 379295.2SrivastavaM.Sc,Chemit in ONGC
100TG 381285SaxenaDouble MA,homely
101TG 385295.1SrivastavaMA,fair,slim
102TG 39275.4KayasthaM.Sc,M.Tech,wrkng as project Asst. CMRI Dhanbad
103TG 392265SrivastavaM.Sc,M.phill
104TG 394275.2KayasthaMBA,HR
105TG 395305.3KayasthaWidow,SBI PO
106TG 396275.2KayasthaMBA,HR
107TG 397295.3SaxenaB.Ed,P.hd
108TG 398305.4SaxenaM.Sc,B.Ed,MBA
109TG 40305.1KayasthaAsst. in SBI,goir,b'ful
110TG 403265.2MathurCS,wrkig in MNC6 LPA
111TG 404265.2Mathurown business10.3 LPA
112TG 408295SrivastavaBE,Mngr. in Airport Authority6 LPA
113TG 41265.6KayasthaMBA,master in finance
114TG 410285.5SaxenaM.Com,CA
115TG 416275.3SrivastavaBA,homley
116TG 417275.4KayasthaP.hd,Govt. Teacher
117TG 420275.3SrivastavaB.Ed,teac. In pvt. School,divorc
118TG 434265.2Bhatnagarwrking in Londan Bank
119TG 446265.4AmbasthaBE,S/w Engr.
120TG 447275.5KayasthaEngr. In USA
121TG 45295.2KayasthaMBA,wrkng in B'lore
122TG 459275.6SaxenaBE,wrkng in infosys B'lore
123TG 461305KayasthaB.Sc,MBA,wrkng
124TG 462305.2SrivastavaWrkng in Del HPT
125TG 463285.4KayasthaLLB,MBA,Mngr.
126TG 47285.4KayasthaB.Sc,PGDMManglik
127TG 50275KayasthaBE,MBA
128TG 51275.6KayasthaB.Tech,S/w Engr.
129TG 52305.1KayasthaAsstt. Mngr. in SBIAns. Manglik
130TG 55285.3KayasthaMBA,wrkng in MNC
131TG 56285.5KayasthaMA,gori,tall
132TG 57275.1KayasthaMBBS,
133TG 58285.3Kayasthagori,fair,wrkng in MNC
134TG 64265.1KayasthaBCA,MBA,
135TG 65305.6KayasthaCentral Govt.Service
136TG 66305.4KayasthaMNC5.5 LPA
137TG 67265.3KayasthaMBA
138TG 7265KarnMA, class 2 officer in bihar
139TG 72295.4KayasthaMNC
140TG 73285.2KayasthaMBA
141TG 77285.3KayasthaB.Ed
142TG 78275.4KayasthaTeacher
143TG 79265.3KayasthaMBA
144TG 8285.4Karndivorced no child,wrkng in patna
145TG 85275.4KayasthaS/W Engr.4.5 LPA
146TG 87295.9KayasthaS/W Engr.10 LPA
147TG 88285.8KayasthaAccount Officer in A.G. Off.
148TG 89295.1KayasthaMNC
149TG 9275.5KarnMBA,gori,wrkng in MNC Del.5 LPA
150TG 91265.4KayasthaMNCk
151TG 95305.11KayasthaLegal Profesion(Australia)For Aust only
152TG 96285.5KayasthaMNC
153TG 97265.4KayasthaMNC
154TG 464285KarnMA,Class2 officer in BR Govt.
155TG 474305.3SrivastavaM.Sc,B.Ed,
156TG 476295.2SaxenaDouble MA
157TG 480265KayasthaM.Sc,B.Ed,MBA,PO in Bank
158TG 482285.4KayasthaPG,B.Ed in english,gov. teacher22000 PM
159TG 484285.4SaxenaMA,computer course
160TG 48530AmbasthaGraduate,fair
161TG 490285.4KayasthaMBA,
162TG 491295.4SrivastavaB.Tech,S/w Engr.7 LPA
163TG 494295.2SrivastavaMCA,S/w Engr.8 LPA
164TG 497295.4AmbasthaMBA
165TG 502295.3AmbasthaGovt.service
166TG 508265SrivastavaMA
167TG B.ed
168TG 520275.4SrivastavaMCA
169TG 522285.3KayasthaL.L.M.service
170TG 523275.3KayasthaMHRDservice
171TG 524275.4SrivastavaBDS PG
172TG 525265.7SrivastavaMBA finance
173TG 52628SrivastavaM.A (economics)
174TG 534295.3SrivastavaEngineering collegeservice
175TG 539305.4Kayasthajuris doctor service
176TG 549295.1Ambasthaecucated
177TG 551265.4SrivastavaSoftware engineerservice
178TG 556305.4SrivastavaPvt. Bankservice
179TG 559275.1Srivastavatax asst divisionl accountantservice
180TG 560285.3SrivastavaNationalised bankservice
181TG 561285.3SrivastavaPG & PGDHRM
182TG 56326mathurMNCservice
183TG 569275.6KayasthaMNCservice
184TG 570275.1Ambasthahomely girl
185TG 58329SrivastavaM.A
186TG 585285.4Kayasthacivil serviceservice
188TG 587305.2SaxenaAsst. Prof. in Engineering collegeservice
189TG 588265.2KayasthaB.E.
190TG 595265.2SaxenaM.A B.ed
191TG 597265SrivastavaAsstt. Acct. MANREGAservice
192TG 598285.3KayasthaMNCservice
193TG 599295.1SrivastavaBusiness managerbusiness
194TG 605275.2mathurMNCservice
195TG 606265.2SrivastavaMNCservice
196TG P.hd
197TG 609275.2KayasthaMBA
198TG 61429Saxenateacherservice
199TG 617275.2AmbasthaAsst. prof service
200TG 620305.4nigamWiproservice
201TG 622265.3SaxenaB.A PGDM
202TG 627275.6SrivastavaWrkg in top consultancyservice
203TG 634295AmbasthaMNCservice
204TG 636285.3Srivastavawrkg in mumbaiservice
205TG 643295.5SrivastavaP.hd
206TG 647275.1SaxenaB.A., pursuing M.A., Dip. In com.
207TG 651275SrivastavaMNC
208TG 657295.7karnMNC
209TG 65927KayasthaSBI
210TG 660275.3mathurTCS
211TG 661285.4Srivastavawrkg as
212TG 663305.4Srivastavanews reader AIR, pvt. Teacher
213TG 664265.9saxenaDoctor BHMS
214TG 665295.3KayasthaHR working pune
215TG 666305.2SrivastavaMBA
216TG 669305.2AmbasthaMBA (XISS Ranchi)
217TG 671305.4SaxenaHCL
218TG 673275.4KayasthaMA (Music) , Doing B.ED
219TG 67528Saxenawkg in SRF in research institute
220TG 676285.3KayasthaM.Com, PGDCA
221TG 677275.4KayasthaWorking in MNC
222TG 684295.3KayasthaN.Bank in P.O
223TG 689265.2SaxenaGet qualfied
224TG 693295.2SaxenaLecturer in Girls Degree College
225TG 698295.4SrivastavaWrkg as Asst. Mgr. in Govt. bank
226TG 701275.3AmbasthaM.Sc
227TG 706275.6SrivastavaB.Tech, MBA
228TG 712265.4KayasthaBE+MBA
229TG 718275.3KayasthaGraduate, Dip. In beautician
230TG 720295.4nigamGazetted officer AAO
231TG 722285SaxenaWorking in Infosys
232TG 724305.2nigameducated
233TG 729305.5karnHigh educated
234TG 735285.3KayasthaAsst. Prof.
235TG 737294.8AmbasthaDoing Ph.D in Biotech
236TG 740265.4AmbasthaWorking in SBI
237TG 754305.2SrivastavaSoftware Engineer
238TG 756265.4AmbasthaB.Tech, MBA
239TG 760265SrivastavaAsst. Prof. in Mgmt. of institute
240TG 762275.3SrivastavaGovt. Medical Officer
241TG 76827SrivastavaMBBS, Doing PG in Radiodiagnosis
242TG 770294.6KayasthaWorking govt. ITI
243TG 773305.3AmbasthaWorking in MNC
244TG 78026SrivastavaB.Com, MBA
245TG 788285.3KayasthaM.Phil, Pursuing P.Hd
246TG 796275.5SrivastavaMBA
247TG 799285.3Kayasthawidow
248TG 800285SaxenaArchitect, Master in interior designer
249TG 803285.4KayasthaAsst. Manager in Bank
250TG 806275.6AmbasthaBA (Pol. Hons.)
251TG 807295.3Srivastavadivorce girl, graduate
252TG 810265.2SaxenaP.HD
253TG 817285.4SrivastavaWrkg in a corporate law Firm
254TG 81928srivastavaMBBS, DGO
255TG 824265.2AmbasthaPG
256TG 830275.4SrivastavaMBA HR
257TG 834295.1SrivastavaB.Sc
258TG 840285.2SrivastavaWorking in Govt. Bank
259TG 842305.3SrivastavaWorking in Bank
260TG 844285.9KayasthaWorking in MNC
261TG 846285.3SrivastavaB.A (Hons.)
262TG 851275.3SrivastavaSBI In PO
263TG 854285.2mathurB.Com, LLB
264TG 859275.1SrivastavaPractice in BHMS
265TG 860265.3SrivastavaM.Sc(Che.), Dip. S/W Er.(NIIT)
266TG 861275.4KayasthaWorking in Pvt. Company
267TG 863295.5SrivastavaDRDO
268TG 866295.4SaxenaMBA
269TG 872275.3SrivastavaM.Tech
270TG 877305.3MCA, Teacher
271TG 892265.5SaxenaB.Tech, Working in Tata Delhi
272TG 893265.2MBBS
273TG 898305.5
274TG 901295.2SrivastavaM.Sc (IT), TCS Mumbai
275TG 902275.2SrivastavaMBA, Working in MNC in Gurgaon